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Workers' Rights


Work just isn’t working for too many in America today. Too often, hard-working people have their wages stolen by employers who refuse to pay the promised wage, the legally required wage, or sometimes any wage at all. Other employers cut too many corners, leaving workers vulnerable to being hurt, getting sick or even killed on the job. Injury and illness reduce workers’ ability to earn a living, compromise their overall health, and saddle workers and their families with expensive medical bills. 

Making matters worse, workers often lack sufficient clout to negotiate for improved conditions, even though it is their right to do so. And those workers whose rights are violated sometimes discover that they have no meaningful remedies. They are left to depend on government agencies that may or may not have the resources to respond to their problems, or they are constrained from exercising their right to take their cases to court. 

The Foundation’s Workers’ Rights Program supports groups seeking policy and system reforms to improve the lives of low-wage working people, with a focus on securing their basic legal rights to safe, healthy, and fair conditions at work. Specifically, the Program makes grants to groups seeking reforms that will do the following:


  • Make Work Safe and Healthy - by preventing illness, injury, and death on the job, and improving workers' compensation;
  • Make Work Pay - by empowering workers to hold low-road employers accountable for wage theft, misclassification, and contingent work abuse; and
  • Build Workers' Advocacy Capacity - by strengthening the ability of low-wage workers to promote policy and systems reform.


Additionally, the Program supports investigative journalism, national broadcast news coverage, and other high-profile media and public education about workers’ rights issues.





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