Another Fair Food Agreement

This week, Ahold USA, which includes nearly 800 supermarkets in 14 states and the District of Columbia, became the first major American grocer to join the Fair Food Program of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Participants in the program agree to pay an extra penny per pound for tomatoes purchased, which is used to improve wages and working conditions for farmworkers. Other corporate participants include Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and McDonald’s.

Ahold USA is the parent company of Stop &Shop, Giant Foods of Landover, Giant Foods of Carlisle, Martin’s and Peapod, the online grocer. According to the Coalition, which is a longtime Public Welfare Foundation grantee, the agreement with Ahold will increase the number of U.S. grocery stores carrying tomatoes under the Fair Food Program by about 75 percent, reaching nearly 50 million new customers a month.

Beyond the extra penny per pound, the Fair Food Program focuses on eliminating abusive treatment of workers, including slavery and sexual harassment. It also promotes better health and safety among workers.

In a news release announcing the agreement, Gerardo Reyes of the Coalition said, “Not only will [Ahold USA’s] partnership help propel to new heights our efforts to protect farmworkers’ rights, but we believe its market leadership will send an invaluable message to the rest of the grocery industry that social responsibility is greatly strengthened when workers, suppliers and retailers work together toward a more modern, more humane agricultural industry.”

To see more about the agreement, click here.


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