Longtime Public Welfare Foundation Director Robert Haskell III Dies

The Public Welfare Foundation sadly announces the death of Robert H. Haskell III,  grandson of the Foundation’s founder, Charles Edward Marsh and longtime Foundation director. Mr. Haskell, 73, died in Martinsville, Virginia, where he spent many of his formative years and subsequently served as publisher of the Martinsville Bulletin, on January 4, 2013.

Mr. Haskell was born in September, 1939, to Antoinette Wade Marsh Haskell, daughter of Charles Marsh, and Robert H. Haskell, Jr. The family moved to Martinsville, VA in 1947, where Robert Haskell, Jr. was publisher of the Martinsville Bulletinuntil his death in 1971.

Robert Haskell III followed his father and grandfather into the newspaper business. Among other newspaper positions, Charles Marsh was editor and publisher of the Austin American-Statesman in Austin, Texas.

After working as a reporter for several Washington, D.C. area publications, Mr. Haskell III joined the Bulletin in 1970. He became publisher in 1989, which was the year of that newspaper’s 100thanniversary.

Mr. Haskell helped keep his grandfather’s legacy alive through his service on the Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1985 until he resigned in 2011. Nearly two decades ago, he chaired the Finance committee at a critical time and provided leadership in helping to create an endowment of diversified assets that has allowed the foundation to continue to fulfill its mission.

In a statement, Lydia Marshall, chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors said, “We at the Public Welfare Foundation are extremely grateful for Robert Haskell’s dedicated and valuable service. He was committed to operating the Foundation by the highest standards so that it could be most effective in helping the greatest number of people possible, as his grandfather envisioned. We will miss him terribly as a colleague and a friend, and we will remember him with admiration and respect.”

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