Fixing What’s Wrong with Florida’s Youth Prisons

The Miami Herald featured an op-ed by Candice Jones, Public Welfare Foundation President and CEO and two other youth justice experts urging Florida to close its youth detention centers. ... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice

Keeping Youth out of Adult Courts

The latest report by a Public Welfare Foundation grantee shows more states adopting policies to limit the number of youth in the adult criminal justice system.... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice

Raising Latinx Voices for Criminal Justice Reform

A panel of experts explained why the Latinx community should embrace and advance progressive criminal justice policies.... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors approved nearly $2.4 million in grants to six organizations across the country. ... Full Story
Category: Uncategorized

Shutting Down New Jersey’s Youth Prisons

Ryan Haygood and Andrea McChristian of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice talk about the collective efforts of a diverse coalition to close secure facilities for New Jersey youth.... Full Story
Category: Youth Justice
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