Women in Prison

A new report by a Public Welfare Foundation grantee examines why the numbers of female and male prisoners are on different trajectories. ... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

Promoting Community-led Investments to Stop the Revolving Door to Prison

The Public Welfare Foundation and the Urban Institute brought together a diverse, bipartisan group that is working to promote investments in effective public safety strategies.... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

Raising Latinx Voices for Criminal Justice Reform

A panel of experts explained why the Latinx community should embrace and advance progressive criminal justice policies.... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

The Impact of Incarceration

Facts and Figures: Some of the effects of imprisoning so many people in America... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice, Infographics

Reducing Crime and Incarceration

Experts find that the latest crime and prison numbers show positive trends and bolster the case for enhanced criminal justice reform.... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice
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