Helping People—and Communities—Thrive After Prison

Colorado has developed a groundbreaking approach to serving those returning from incarceration that is transforming lives, supporting communities, and promoting locally-driven public safety solutions. ... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

Women in Prison

A new report by a Public Welfare Foundation grantee examines why the numbers of female and male prisoners are on different trajectories. ... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

Promoting Community-led Investments to Stop the Revolving Door to Prison

The Public Welfare Foundation and the Urban Institute brought together a diverse, bipartisan group that is working to promote investments in effective public safety strategies.... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

Raising Latinx Voices for Criminal Justice Reform

A panel of experts explained why the Latinx community should embrace and advance progressive criminal justice policies.... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice

The Impact of Incarceration

Facts and Figures: Some of the effects of imprisoning so many people in America... Full Story
Category: Criminal Justice, Infographics
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