Sentencing Reform

Addressing our nation’s over incarceration crisis begins with advancing sentencing reforms that decrease state incarceration and reduce racial disparities.

Developing Policies & Procedures that Restore Dignity

Public Welfare Foundation aims to decrease state incarceration and reduce racial disparities through reforms in sentencing, charging, and supervision policies and procedures. We envision a future where unjust, racially-charged sentencing policies and procedures are replaced with effective measures that promote fairness, redemption and restoration.

Sentencing Reform Resources

Advancing Sentencing Reform

Safe and Just Michigan

Working to reduce the harm caused by both crime and incarceration. They advance evidence-based reforms that improve public safety and eliminate unnecessary corrections spending.

American Friends Services Committee

Focusing exclusively on ending mass incarceration and reducing the number of people in Arizona prisons. Through research, documentation, media work, coalition building, and policy advocacy, AFSC-AZ challenges criminalization, opposes prison expansion, advocates for sentencing policy change, and works to shift public opinion from punitive and retributive approaches to crime towards a discussion of root causes, best practices, and inclusive and healing justice.