Mandy Stussman

Program Analyst

Mandy joined the Public Welfare Foundation as an Executive Assistant in 2019 before becoming a Program Analyst. Most recently, she worked as a Client Relations Coordinator at A Wider Circle in Silver Spring, Md., a non-profit whose mission is to end poverty through on-the-ground programs and services. Previously, Mandy worked in South Africa at Ikhaya Le Langa (House of the Sun), a non-profit battling inequality in post-apartheid Cape Town. She worked directly with residents in Langa, a township formed by displacement efforts during apartheid, where less than thirty percent of residents live in formal housing units. Working closely with the community, her research supplemented a bill the non-profit presented to the municipal government in Cape Town.

Mandy received her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park. As a student she served in several university social justice organizations including as treasurer of the Prison Resistance Project, an organization dedicated to fostering and sustaining intense resistance to the criminal justice system within the community of College Park. Mandy also has been active in political campaigns, including serving as a delegate in the 2018 presidential election.