Strong Public Support for Civil Justice Reform

According to recent research, voters want civil justice reform and strongly support a wide range of services to enable everyone to get access to the information and effective assistance they need when they need it and in a form they can use. The research also underscores the importance that people place on equal justice under law, considering it a right and not a privilege. The polling research was conducted with support from the Public Welfare Foundation in June 2017 for Voices for Civil Justice, a Foundation grantee. The voter surveys and analysis were done by Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners and Anta Shenker-Osorio, a cognitive linguist, with ASO Communications. 

Voters clearly support increased government funding to make the system more accessible, even if that means higher taxes. There was also overwhelming support for a comprehensive approach to ensuring justice for all through a variety of services that would help more low-income individuals, particularly those living in rural areas and those struggling to make ends meet, successfully navigate the system to solve their civil justice issues.  

To see a full presentation of the research findings, click here.



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