Civil Legal Aid

Public Welfare Foundation’s past initiative to increase access to Civil Legal Aid and catalyze solutions to assist people with essential legal needs.

Increasing Supports for Essential Legal Needs

Eighty percent of those in poverty have legal needs that go unmet. To address that problem Public Welfare Foundation started a time-bound special initiative focused on increasing access to Civil Legal Aid and catalyzing solutions to push the field forward toward a better continuum of services to assist those with essential legal needs.

While the Foundation is not giving new grants under this initiative, there is still ongoing work to enhance the civil legal system. Over the life of the initiative, Public Welfare Foundation has funded approximately 20 organizations, expending over $9 million.

Civil Legal Aid Resources

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Civil Legal Aid

Justice for All Project

Driving comprehensive state-based initiatives to expand meaningful access to justice for all.

Voices for Civil Justice

Building a network of journalists and messengers to raise the profile of civil legal aid and civil justice reform in national and local media outlets.