A History of Impact

It is time to do all that is required to seed the change we seek. Join us as we work to realize justice that's just.

By Any Means

Meeting the moment to truly advance justice. Join us as we journey into the unexpected to make way for a better future.

Working in Communities

Solutions to our nation’s failed approach to justice lie in the very communities most harmed by the systems. We must bet big on emerging leaders doing this work.

Catalyzing a New Approach to Justice

Justice that’s restorative, community-led and racially just.

Fighting for Justice That's Just

Our justice system is fundamentally unjust and inhumane. It’s time to build something brand new in its place.



Advancing a New Vision of Justice

For 75 years, Public Welfare Foundation has supported efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. Today, our efforts focus on catalyzing a transformative approach to justice that is community-led, restorative, and racially just through investments in criminal justice and youth justice reforms.

Investing in Criminal Justice & Youth Justice Reform

We look for strategic points where our funds can make a significant difference and improve lives for those impacted by the justice system. We operationalize our investments in target locations, working with communities to drive transformation from multiple angles including policy advocacy, organizing, leadership development, and demonstration projects. We prioritize investing in the leadership of those most proximate to the issues facing this nation, not because it is novel, but because it is necessary.

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Use Our Space

Public Welfare Foundation owns and operates out of Washington DC’s True Reformer Building, the first building in the nation to be designed, financed, built, and owned by the African-American community after Reconstruction. We share use of this space with others working in our community to advance social good.