Racial Disparities

Investing in innovative strategies to countering structural racism in the juvenile justice system.

Developing Racially-Just Youth Systems

Pervading our nation’s youth justice systems are gross racial and ethnic inequities that cannot be ignored. Despite similar offense rates across demographic groups, youth of color are more likely than their white peers to be referred to and incarcerated in the juvenile justice system, and to be tried and sentenced as adults.

Public Welfare Foundation supports innovative strategies to counter structural racism in the juvenile justice system, with a particular focus on front-end reforms.

Racial Disparities Resources

Working to Eliminate Racial & Ethnic Disparities

The W. Haywood Burns Institute

The Burns Institute works to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in our communities, focusing on the juvenile justice systems.  As part of their mission, they facilitate a collaborative environment where community and system stakeholders work strategically, using data to reduce racial and ethnic disparity.

Color of Change

Color of Change uses the power of the internet and online communities to organize for racial justice. They provide digital organizing trainings to campaigns seeking to transform the juvenile corrections system and its tragic impact on communities of color.