How to Help Youth of Color Charged with Violent Offenses

New brief outlines a community-driven approach for keeping youth out of prison and helping them succeed.

How to Help Youth of Color Charged with Violent Offenses

What are the best ways to keep youth of color who have been charged with serious and violent offenses out of secure facilities? A collaborative of 12 organizations from around the country has released a policy brief that articulates their model of community-driven approaches to alternatives to incarceration.

The framework outlined by the organizations—which are comprised of leaders of color who come from the same communities as the youth they serve—focuses on improving five essential categories of youth outcomes:  

  • Elevate youth leadership and expertise, including putting youth in leadership positions, promoting them as experts, encouraging them to mentor other youth, and helping them develop solutions;
  • Encourage self-sufficiency and resourcefulness among youth
  • Support youth healing
  • Encourage youth connectedness, including helping them develop positive relationships with caring adults, peers, and family.
  • Helping youths and their families move forward after involvement with the justice system.

To see the policy brief, click here