Justice for All Project Receives New Support

The Kresge Foundation has joined the Public Welfare Foundation in funding a project housed at the National Center for State Courts.

Justice for All Project Receives New Support

We are pleased to announce the Justice for All (JFA) project, housed at the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), has received additional funding from the Public Welfare Foundation and new funding from The Kresge Foundation. The JFA project supports state efforts to bring together all relevant stakeholders in the civil justice community in a partnership to better understand, adopt, and move toward implementing the resolution of the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA), Reaffirming the Commitment to Meaningful Access to Justice for All. Ultimately the project seeks to enhance states’ commitment to reimagine how to work across organizational and disciplinary boundaries to optimize available resources and advance access to justice for all. 

In late 2016, the Justice for All Advisory Committee selected seven states to undertake strategic action planning efforts under the Justice for All RFP. The additional support from The Kresge Foundation and Public Welfare Foundation provides increased funding to help awardees plan and implement projects identified during the strategic action planning process. Given the significant interest in the Justice for All project and planning process, the support also makes available several technical assistance opportunities for non-awardee states. These opportunities include: 

• Targeted Consulting: NCSC and project staff will offer targeted consulting through calls and other remote communications for non-awardee states undertaking planning efforts. These communications will be designed to give input and guidance on the planning process based on the needs of the state. Targeted consulting will be provided as funds permit and as approved by project leadership. To discuss consulting opportunities for your state, contact Shelley Spacek Miller, J.D., (see below). 

• Strategic Action Planning Webinars: Throughout 2017-2018 NCSC will host three webinars to provide additional information and insight on the JFA strategic action planning process. Non-awardee states will be able to learn from the experience of awardee states, and will have the opportunity to pose relevant questions to project leaders and consultants. The first webinar focuses on the inventory/assessment experience and will be held on July 31. Registration details and additional information on the webinar can be found on the JFA website or you can register directly for the webinar here

Additional questions about the Justice for All project or technical assistance should be directed to Shelley Spacek Miller, J.D., sspacek@ncsc.org or 757-259-1538. Project resources, including strategic planning guidance materials, are also available on the JFA website.