Public Welfare Foundation Awards One Million Dollar Grant to Common Justice

Grant to advance community-based alternatives to incarceration and change the narrative about violence

Public Welfare Foundation Awards One Million Dollar Grant to Common Justice



WASHINGTON DC – Public Welfare Foundation President and CEO Candice C. Jones today announced a one million dollar grant to Common Justice, a New York-based nonprofit organization committed to developing solutions to violence that transform the lives of those harmed and foster racial equity without relying on mass incarceration.

Common Justice operates the first alternative-to-incarceration and victim-service program in the United States that focuses on violent felonies in the adult courts. The two-year operation grant from Public Welfare Foundation will advance Common Justice’s groundbreaking approach by expanding work on-the-ground and strengthening the field’s commitment to addressing trauma and violence experienced by underserved survivors, including young men of color.

“Our nation’s failed criminal justice experiment has caused hundreds of thousands of people to be unnecessarily incarcerated, leaving people, families, and communities hanging in the balance,” Jones said. “Through its innovative work creating practical, moral alternatives to incarceration, Common Justice is demonstrating that there are better solutions. Public Welfare Foundation looks forward to partnering with Common Justice to grow these efforts and foster real change across our country.”

With support from Public Welfare Foundation, Common Justice will continue to implement innovative criminal justice diversion strategies that do not rely on prisons to hold people accountable for harm, break cycles of violence, and secure safety, healing, and justice. Common Justice is also launching a strategic communications effort aimed at shifting the narrative about how people who have been harmed by violence feel about holding those who have committed violent acts accountable.

“Common Justice’s alternative-to-incarceration and victim-service work is proving that there are better ways than prison to serve and offer healing to survivors of violence, promote real accountability among those who commit harm, and make communities safer,” said Common Justice’s Executive Director Danielle Sered. “Support from Public Welfare Foundation will allow us to leverage this work for broader impact across the country.”

Public Welfare Foundation announced its work focusing on race, redemption, and restoration in March. These time-limited grants will help catalyze and replicate innovative work in the field. Organizations interested in applying for a grant can submit a Letter of Inquiry at

Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. These efforts honor the Foundation’s core values of racial equity, economic well-being and fundamental fairness for all. For more information visit



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