Standing in the Tide

Standing in the Tide

Our 75th anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect and look forward in anticipation.

As part of our anniversary year, Public Welfare Foundation has awarded seven True Reformer grants to key partners who are advancing new transformative approaches to justice that are restorative, community-led, and racially just.

The work we do today lays the foundation for our future.

The True Reformer grants – named after the historic True Reformer Building that Public Welfare Foundation calls home – recognize seven of the Foundation’s key partners through investments that will advance progress and position them for long-term impact.

Anchors in the movement.

These organizations, like so many that the Foundation supports, serve as anchors of the justice reform movement in communities where Public Welfare Foundation works. This investment helps ensure that they can continue to advance the work in the years to come.

These institutional grants are one-time infusions of capital intended to strengthen an organization’s operating and programmatic infrastructure so that it can continue its work well into the future. Each organization’s leadership has identified specific and tailored ways that they will use the funding, including, but not limited to, strategic planning, staffing increases, technology enhancements, and operating reserves.

Our partners are redefining what’s possible, using any means necessary to advance justice. They are out there – right now – in the field doing work in communities, testing new innovative solutions, and fighting for freedom. They are standing against the tide and we, at Public Welfare, are trying to shift the winds so that the tide rises to meet them.