Shrita Moore

Events Manager

Shrita joined Public Welfare in 2022 as the Foundation’s Events Manager. As a long time resident of Washington, D.C., Shrita grew up not far from the True Reformer Building and attended District of Columbia Public Schools.

After working several years in the retail and service industries, Shrita transitioned to a career in security. In 2012, she became a Special Police Officer licensed in the area of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. After three years, was promoted to a site supervisor, where she managed and led staff and site operations.

Shrita began working at The True Reformer Building, the site of Public Welfare Foundation’s offices, in 2019 and was promoted to the Lead Officer the following year. It was in this position that she learned about Public Welfare Foundation, its mission, and its grantees. She also gained familiarity with Public Welfare’s facilities, partners, building projects, and the U Street community.

As a licensed cosmetologist, Shrita has a passion for making people feel beautiful. She also holds a Medical Assistant Certificate in Medical Assisting from The Prospect College.