Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The following grants were approved today by the Public Welfare Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Criminal Justice

Delaware Center for Justice – Wilmington, DE – ($170,000 – 2 years)
Support for public education and advocacy involving sentencing and pretrial policy reform in Delaware.

Fortune Society – Long Island City, NY – ($150,000 – 1 year)
Support to advance sentencing reforms in New York State through coalition building, media advocacy and participation with the state’s Sentencing Commission.

Legal Action Center – New York, NY – ($150,000 – 2 years)
Support for the Center’s national H.I.R.E. (Helping Individuals with criminal records Reenter through Employment) network to advocate for employment and other opportunities for re-entering prisoners at the state and national levels.

Southern Center for Human Rights – Atlanta, GA – ($350,000 – 2 years)
Support to reduce rates of incarceration in Georgia and Alabama through litigation, policy research, media advocacy, grassroots organizing and coalition building.

Youth Justice 

American Civil Liberties Foundation – New York, NY – ($300,000 – 2 years)
Support to advocate for policy reforms in various states to reduce youth incarceration rates, end the practice of trying youth as adults and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system.

Center for Public Representation – Northampton, MA – ($160,000 – 1 year)
Support to partner with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Alabama Disability Advocacy Program to advocate for alternatives to incarceration for youth in Alabama’s juvenile justice system.

Children’s Law Center – Covington, KY – ($300,000 – 2 years)
Support for continued advocacy, education and research to reduce youth detention and incarceration rates in the juvenile justice system and to decrease the number of youth tried as adults in Ohio.

Coalition for Youth Justice – Washington, DC – ($190,000 – 1 year)
Support to provide resources, training and technical assistance to judges, policymakers and practitioners on the deinstitutionalization of youth accused of status offenses.

Connecticut Youth Justice Alliance – Bridgeport, CT – ($250,000 – 2 years)
General support for a collaborative that works to reduce the number of youth in the justice system, while promoting fair and effective treatment of those in the system.

DC Lawyers for Youth – Washington, DC – ($350,000 – 2 years)
General support for an organization that advocates for juvenile justice reform in the District of Columbia.

National Council on Crime and Delinquency – Oakland, CA – ($245,000 – 1 year)
Support to conduct research and develop policy recommendations to help states reduce youth incarceration rates.

W. Haywood Burns Institute – San Francisco, CA – ($400,000 – 2 years)
General support to an organization that promotes fairness and equity for youth of color and poor youth in juvenile justice systems across the country.

Criminal and Youth Justice

Justice Policy Institute – Washington, DC – ($250,000 – 1 year)
General support and support for pretrial detention reform, particularly in Virginia, as well as communications assistance to sustain juvenile justice reforms in the District of Columbia. 

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition – Austin, TX – ($620,000 – 2 years)
General support to improve criminal and juvenile justice practices in Texas and program support for advocacy, technical assistance and monitoring of juvenile justice system reforms under the organization’s Youth Justice Initiative.  

Workers’ Rights

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy – Los Angeles, CA – ($500,000 – 1 year)
Support for a campaign at four port complexes to improve conditions for truckers operating at the ports; reduce deadly diesel emissions; and create meaningful job opportunities for low-income residents of communities adjacent to the ports. 

Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest – Lincoln, NE – ($170,000 – 2 years)
Support to improve health and safety policies for meatpacking workers. 

Northwest Employment Education and Defense Fund – Portland, OR – ($400,000 – 2 years)
General support of $200,000 and $200,000 to support a state policy coalition focused on workers’ rights. 

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United – New York, NY – ($300,000 – 2 years)
Support for research and advocacy to advance health and safety policies and paid sick days for restaurant workers. 

Special Opportunities

Legal Services Corporation – Washington, DC – ($276,000 – 18 months)
Support to improve the Legal Services Corporation’s data collection system in order to strengthen its ability to assess and use information to advance its goal of equal access to justice for the poor; and to provide data analysis tools to help LSC grantees manage their operations better and increase financial support for their work. 

National Legal Aid and Defender Association – Washington, DC – ($175,000 – 1 year
Support for technical assistance to civil legal aid offices for resource development efforts and to research and publish a report and create an online database with strategic, innovative service models to increase access to civil legal services for the poor. 


The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. These efforts honor the Foundation’s core values of racial equity, economic well-being, and fundamental fairness for all. The Foundation looks for strategic points where its funds can make a significant difference and improve lives through policy and system reform that results in transformative change. For more information, visit Follow the Foundation on Twitter or on Facebook.

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