Year in Review: Public Welfare Foundation’s 75th Anniversary

Year in Review: Public Welfare Foundation’s 75th Anniversary

We started this year — our 75th — with a question:

What will it require to truly achieve justice in the next 75 years?

We’ve spent the year investigating this question through conversations and convenings.

We’ve provided funding to the True Reformers of our day who are advancing justice by any means.

We’ve shared stories of leaders who are Standing in the Tide, waiting for the moment to meet them.

And we even danced a bit.

The answer to our opening question is, of course, everything.

Everything that works is what it’ll take. We cannot be selective with the methods and means by which we decide to bring forth an inclusive justice we’ve never seen before in this country. We need every single avenue to be explored, every method entertained, and every voice welcomed to create solutions to answer the questions of our day.

This is the work that our partners are doing day in and day out to advance justice in their communities and in our nation. And it’s the work that we exist to support.

Whether direct service providers or policymakers. Whether statisticians or funders. Members of the media or academia. We each have a role to play – every one of us is vital to building an ecosystem of reform.

Thank you for being a part of our 75th anniversary year. We hope that it inspired you and challenged you. Because there’s much work left to be done, and it’s going to take us all doing our part to run across the line and score freedom.

For a deeper look into the foundation’s commitment to justice “By Any Means,” revisit the stories and experience found in