Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors of Public Welfare Foundation approved over $1.5 million in grants, including $1.05 million for the Justice Reform portfolio and $500K for the Special Opportunity portfolio.

Here are the three organizations that are receiving grants:


Justice Reform – Michigan

Michigan Center for Youth Justice – Ann Arbor, MI – ($400,000– 3 years)
Support to advance youth decarceration and reform in Michigan youth justice system.


Justice Reform – Georgia

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice – Newark, NJ – ($650,000– 2 years)
Support for the campaign to close youth prisons and reinvest in communities.

Special Opportunity

General Opportunity

Equal Justice Initiative – Montgomery, AL – ($500,000– 2 years) 
Support to  end mass incarceration and excessive punishment, provide legal representation to people who have been wrongfully convicted or abused in state jails and prisons, and re-entry assistance to formerly incarcerated people.