Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors of the Public Welfare Foundation approved more than $5.7 million in new grants, including more than $2.4 million for the Workers’ Rights Program, $1.4 million for the Criminal Justice Program, and more than $1.3 million for the Youth Justice Program. In addition, $570,000 was approved for two companion projects to enhance civil legal services for the poor under the Special Opportunities Fund.

Following is a list of the approved grants.

Criminal Justice Program

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys – Washington, DC – ($400,000 – 2 years)
General support to a membership organization of prosecutors across the country to increase the group’s capacity to advance prosecutorial innovations in charging, sentencing and prisoner reentry.

Crime and Justice Institute – Boston, MA – ($250,000 – 18 months)
Support to increase its capacity to provide expert technical assistance and training to  local criminal justice government agencies on pretrial detention reform, and to develop a pilot project to help two California counties reform their pretrial services with targeted technical assistance.

Pretrial Justice Institute – Washington, DC – ($600,000 – 2 years)
General support to expand the work of the only national organization dedicated to improving pretrial justice systems – through building public support for and educating policymakers about pretrial reform.

Texas Public Policy Foundation – Austin, TX – ($150,000 – 1 year)
Support to continue advocacy work with conservative and libertarian policymakers and advocates for criminal and juvenile justice reform in Texas and throughout the country.

Youth Justice Program

Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth – Chicago, IL – ($250,000 – 2 years)
Support to advance policies that protect youth against wrongful convictions in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems.

Correctional Association of New York – New York, NY – ($350,000 – 2 years) 
Support to advocate for alternatives to incarceration in New York’s juvenile justice system and for an end to the automatic prosecution of 16- and 17-year-olds in adult criminal courts.

Legal Services for Children – San Francisco, CA – ($320,000 – 2 years) 
Support for work with the W. Haywood Burns Institute and Immigrant Legal Resource Center to promote the fair and equitable treatment of immigrant youth by juvenile justice systems.

National Youth Justice Network – Washington, DC – ($275,000 – 1 year)
Support for the Fiscal Policy Center to provide technical assistance on budget analysis to juvenile justice advocates and for the Youth Justice Leadership Institute to provide leadership development among juvenile justice advocates of color.

Texas Appleseed – Austin, TX – ($150,000 – 2 years)
Support to conduct policy advocacy and litigation to challenge the use of juvenile and municipal courts in Texas for minor misbehaviors by youth in schools.

Workers’ Rights Program

American Rights at Work Education Fund – Washington, DC – ($500,000 – 2 years)
General support to a policy advocacy organization dedicated to the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively for improvements to their wages, health and safety, and other terms of employment.

BlueGreen Alliance Foundation – Minneapolis, MN – ($360,000 – 2 years)
Support for advocacy and organizing to promote workers’ occupational safety and health.

Interfaith Worker Justice – Chicago, IL – ($247,000 – 1 year)
Support to educate, organize and mobilize religious communities on workers’ rights issues such as workplace safety and health, benefits, and wage theft.

MomsRising Education Fund – Bellevue, WA – ($200,000 – 2 years) 
General support to an organization that focuses on economic security issues affecting American families, including paid sick days, through online strategies, grassroots advocacy and media outreach.

National Consumers League – Washington, DC – ($150,000 – 1 year)
Support to the nation’s oldest consumer advocacy organization to educate consumers about wage theft.

Partnership for Working Families – Washington, DC – ($450,000 – 2 years)
General support to an organization that consists of a national network of labor-community partnerships that unite workers and community advocates in high-impact campaigns to demand a more sustainable economy marked by quality jobs.

Progressive States Network – New York, NY – ($400,000 – 2 years)
Support to help state legislators across the country advance workers’ rights issues.

United Workers Association – Baltimore, MD – ($125,000 – 18 months)
General support to a group that uses human rights principles to organize low-wage workers in Maryland for better pay and working conditions.

Special Opportunities Fund

Southern Education Foundation – Atlanta, GA – ($175,000 – 1 year)
Support to research the history of federal enforcement of civil rights laws related to higher education in the South.

These companion projects are part of a Special Initiative on Civil Legal Services for the Poor, a targeted effort by the Foundation to expand legal assistance for indigent and low-income people.

American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education – Washington, DC – ($270,000 – 18 months) 
Support to expand the number and reach of state-based Access to Justice Commissions, and to provide technical assistance to help them share best practices and innovations taking place in different states.

National Center for State Courts – Williamsburg, VA – ($300,000 – 18 months) 
Support to help strengthen the role of state judges and courts in improving access to legal services for poor and low-income people through court-based innovations, the development of an Access to Justice Center for the court community, and related activities.


The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. These efforts honor the Foundation’s core values of racial equity, economic well-being, and fundamental fairness for all. The Foundation looks for strategic points where its funds can make a significant difference and improve lives through policy and system reform that results in transformative change. For more information, visit Follow the Foundation on Twitter or on Facebook.

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