Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors of the Public Welfare Foundation approved more than $4.4 million in new grants today, including more than $1.8 million for the Workers’ Rights Program, $1.45 million for the Criminal Justice Program, and nearly $1.2 million for the Youth Justice Program.

Here are the organizations and projects receiving support.

Workers’ Rights Program

Beyond OSHA Project – Washington, DC – ($390,000 – 2 years)

Support for research on occupational safety and health, policy design, and technical assistance for advocates.

Center for Progressive Reform – Washington, DC – ($500,000 – 2 years)

Support for research on occupational safety and health, policy design, and technical assistance for state and local advocacy.

National Council for Occupational Safety and Health – Longmeadow, MA – ($400,000 – 2 years)

General support for worker trainings, public education, technical assistance and advocacy related to occupational safety and health.

Public Citizen Foundation – Washington, DC – ($300,000 – 2 years)

Support for advocacy to improve standards for workers’ health and safety.

United Support & Memorial for Workplace Fatalities – Lexington, KY – ($230,000 – 2 years)

General support to improve worker safety and health by linking family survivors of workplace fatalities to peer support and advocacy efforts.

Criminal Justice Program Education Fund – Oakland, CA – ($400,000 – 2 years)

Support for the use of cutting-edge technological innovations in online organizing to engage more people of color in criminal justice reform advocacy.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums Foundation – Washington, DC – ($500,000 – 2 years)

General support to continue advocating for sentencing reforms at the federal level and in Florida and Massachusetts.

Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities – Chicago, IL – ($350,000 – 1 year)

Support to provide technical assistance to three counties to divert pretrial defendants from jail to Medicaid-funded community-based behavioral health treatment.

Youth Justice Program

Kentucky Youth Advocates – Jeffersontown, KY – ($250,000 – 2 years)

Support to advocate for the deinstitutionalization of youth charged with status offenses in Kentucky and the effective implementation of reforms to reduce incarceration.

Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency – Lansing, MI – ($300,000 – 2 years)

Support to promote fiscal incentives for counties to use community alternatives to youth incarceration and to lead a campaign to raise Michigan’s age of juvenile court jurisdiction.

Youth First! – Washington, DC – ($500,000 – 2 years)

Support for a new national initiative to end the reliance on youth incarceration and redirect resources to community programs.

Criminal Justice and Youth Justice Programs

Partnership for Safety and Justice – Portland, OR – ($320,000 – 2 years)

General support for statewide advocacy to reform Oregon’s mandatory minimum sentencing laws and reduce the state’s prison population and support for the Safe Kids, Safe Communities campaign to challenge the automatic prosecution of youth as adults.


The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. These efforts honor the Foundation’s core values of racial equity, economic well-being, and fundamental fairness for all. The Foundation looks for strategic points where its funds can make a significant difference and improve lives through policy and system reform that results in transformative change. For more information, visit Follow the Foundation on Twitter or on Facebook.

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