Grantee Resources

Check out these resources, forms, and templates for grantees.

Reporting Requirements

Evaluating the progress of our grantees is a vital part of our work. Sufficiently detailed and honest assessment helps the Foundation and grantees gain useful insights. For this reason, we require grantees to submit annual reports that include both narrative and financial components. Please review our reporting requirements and report templates before submitting your report.

There are three types of reports that grantees may be required to submit. All grantees are required to submit a final report within two months of the end of the grant period. Grantees may be required to submit interim or progress reports depending on whether they received multi-year grants and whether they are applying for renewal funding. Starting FY24, progress reports will be imbedded in the renewal proposal.

Below are the three types of reports and their definitions. Click on the report type to access the appropriate report instructions. If you received a project support grant, please also review our sample income and expense report before submitting a report.


Report Due Description
Final Report Due no later than two months after the end of the grant period. If a renewal grant is awarded after submission of a progress report, only a final financial report and a signed copy of the cover page are required, due two months following the end of the grant period. Submit this report when proposed work has been completed.*
Progress Report Due when grantees apply for a renewal of their current grant. This report on your current grant will be embedded within the renewal proposal.
Interim Report (multi-year grants only) Due 30 days after the end of each year of funding prior to submission of a final report at the end of the multi-year grant period. Submit this if you are a multi-year project/program grant. If you received a multi-year General Operating support grant, you do not have to submit an interim financial report.