Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors of Public Welfare Foundation approved over $2.1 million in grants to six organizations, including $800,000 as part of the Workers’ Rights Program portfolio transition, over $1 million for the Youth Justice Program, and $350,000 for the Criminal Justice Program.

Here are the organizations that are receiving grants:

Workers’ Rights Program

United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities – Lexington, KY – ($250,000– 2 years)
Support to raise awareness, provide peer support, guidance and resources to those who have lost a loved one from unsafe working environments.

Arizona Community Foundation – Bethesda, MD – ($250,000– 2 years)
Support for Economic Opportunity Funders to create a prize initiative recognizing innovation in law and policy for low-wage workers’ rights.

Center for Public Integrity – Washington, DC – ($300,000– 2 years)
Support to produce original investigative journalism that holds policymakers accountable to the public, for a workers’ rights reporting beat.


Youth Justice

Community Connections for Youth – Bronx, NY – ($4000,000– 2 years)
Support for effective community-driven alternatives to incarceration for youth.

New Venture Fund – Washington, DC – ($602,000– 2 years)
Support for Youth First, a national initiative to end youth incarceration and redirect resources toward community programs.


Criminal Justice

Prison Fellowship Ministries – Lansdowne, VA – ($350,000– 2 years)
Support to advance justice reform through research, strategic communications, and advocacy.