Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

Public Welfare Foundation Announces New Grants

The Board of Directors of Public Welfare Foundation approved over $2 million in grants, including more than $1.5 million for the Justice Reform program in target jurisdictions and $500K for the Legacy portfolio.

Here are the four organizations that are receiving grants:


Justice Reform – Louisiana

Voice of the Experienced – New Orleans, LA – ($700,000– 2 years)
Support to provide grassroots leadership, organizing, and advocacy expertise for advancing criminal justice reform in Louisiana.


Justice Reform – Colorado

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition – Denver, CO – ($500,000– 2 years)
Support to advance sentencing reform and reinvest in communities.

Justice Reform – Oklahoma

Oklahoma Policy Institute – Tulsa, OK – ($360,000– 2 years)
Support for a data landscape analysis on Oklahoma’s youth justice system and to strengthen organizational capacity for research and youth justice policy advocacy.


Justice Reform

New Venture Fund – Washington, DC – ($500,000– 2 years)
Support for Youth First Initiative to end youth incarceration and redirect resources toward community programs.